Your business needs extra protection; limit the risk factors.

Ever-growing technology that has brought ease and flexibility has welcomed the most unwanted factors that can harm your business.

Keep your company secure no matter what.

Security threats are constantly evolving, and cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to harm your business. Add to that employee oversights like visiting suspicious websites, opening malicious emails, and using weak passwords, and keeping your organization safe can seem impossible…

But there’s no need to worry; Kowries is here as your  cyber security consultant providing you all the possible solutions according to Canadian cyber security laws. Our experts can secure all your data and digital assets against any internal or external threat. With our co-managed or hybrid SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology and established threat intelligence, suspicious activities and security incidents can be identified and neutralized as they occur while allowing you to retain control of your existing cybersecurity. Use our hybrid cloud solutions for cyber security services to make your business secure.

The benefits of Kowries Secure IT Services:

Discover Our Secure IT Services:


Install SIEM to secure risk-free operations by collecting data from all over the organization to enable real-time visibility. 

Security Operations System

You'd never want to compromise the security of your company and its brand integrity; neither we want to! 

Vulnerability Assessment

For a rising business or a company, it's essential to keep track and maintain a regular security check throughout its system to detect any threats or risks.

Compliance Readiness

Streamline compliance with centralized log management, data corruption monitoring, and regular reporting.

Dark Web Monitoring

If your confidential information gets found on the dark web, where chances for illegal activities are higher, you can get into big trouble.

Firewall Management

Automate the cloud firewall management and flourish your dream business. Protecting your business from numerous angles can be a tedious and challenging task for you. 


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